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Dear Brokers, Facilitators, Mandates and Principals


All our principals (our clients) require a principal originated and signed MOU, ICPO and/or LOI with banking before entertaining or having us answering questions. We are very busy and have to dedicate our time to those representing real business for our clients. Our clients require this in order to see if the deal is feasible, that there is person with authority to proceed in the deal, to see if such person is not blacklisted, if the banking is good and capable of tolerating the transaction and has the proper SWIFT set up, if the region through the deal is to be executed is not risky and has the legal sophistication and lack of corruption to engage through it, as well as other compliance and due diligence issues. We do not do business with parties that are not under contract with their principals. Our principals might be flexible with persons they know and/or have a reputation for closing deals or may be a very urgent special situation requiring swift action. Please, if you are a broker or facilitator, send us a principal originated and signed MOU, ICPO or LOI with banking along with a copy of your principal or mandate originated and signed representation or facilitator contract, or a signed document in your principal and/or mandate letterhead stating that he or she is doing the deal and willing to have you representing him, even if not on an exclusive basis. The contract or document should be signed by you or at least one broker in the broker chain, if any, and your principal and/or his mandate, if any. If there is a mandate, the same apply to him or her. This will put you in the book of those we can do business with. If there is a chain of brokers, all shall appear in the representation contract or as in a joint venture with you; at least one should have a signed representation or facilitator contract with the principal or his or her mandate, if any. If there is a Mandate, a signed copy of his or her contract with the principal shall be sent. Once this is cleared, we know we are dealing with the right person (s). If the deal is successfully completed, all the brokers, mandates, paymasters and whomever relevant will appear in the contract IMFPA, which will direct the bank to pay directly to everyone's bank account. We represent our clients and, generally, are paid by them on a success basis, for getting them quality business. You represent your clients and your finder’s fees, commissions and honoraries are between you and your clients. Of course, there are occasions where this arrangement might be different, but, generally, this is the way we are compensated. If the MOU, ICPO and/or LOI has been received from other brokers, and/or has been floating around, it will be required that a letter resuming the deal, in the principal's letter head, is submitted. The word *resuming* is very important, as in some jurisdictions, soliciting is prohibited. There is no guarantee that your deal will be closed, as it will finally depend on how the negotiations between the principals result. To increase your possibilities, do your best to match your deals to the deals we post. Best luck and rewards for your efforts.

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