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Financial Investigations & Investigative Services


Our competence and priority is a combining unparalleled investigative expertise with financial acumen, our challenging and complex questions surrounding allegations of financial misconduct, fraud, regulatory breaches, bribery and other corruption-related matters.


Insiders are the single biggest threat to corporate assets and individuals’ private wealth. Privately held businesses and multinational, public corporations face risks from insiders with privileges as well as those with responsibilities that include purchasing, treasury and the management of books and records. Employees with supply chain oversight present elevated bribery risk.


External risk is very real too, and our cyber and investigative services have provided resolution to those who have had their data breached, assets stolen or royalties underreported, sometimes with the help of an insider. Our financial investigation teams assist clients and their counsel with any and all phases of an investigation, from the initial detection of suspicious activity right through to resolution, whether the end result is restitution, litigation, an insurance claim or referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency.


We undertake to perform due diligence for financial transactions, financial investigations of misconduct, bribery and corruption, as well as assessments of financial transactions and regulatory and compliance issues on behalf of publicly and closely held companies, private equity firms, government agencies, municipalities, NGOs and high net worth individuals.


PAP's multidisciplinary, international teams have helped clients understand their vulnerabilities in the toughest of circumstances, from reconstructing complex transactions after the failure and collapse of organizations to the fraud's variety. We advise clients on best practice and procedures to ensure that future fraudulent incidents are minimized.

Our areas of expertise 


Anti-corruption investigations

Asset tracing and assistance in refunding 

Cash flow analysis

Court-appointed investigations

Due diligence for financial transactions

Data mining and analytics

Expert and fact witness testimony

Internal and external investigations

Money laundering analysis and remediation 

Reconstruction of financial transactions

Regulatory investigations

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