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Arkadi Priymak

An Owner of a private companies focused in the area of finance and funding  of projects as a part of strong international group and financial structures and institutes. 


  • Escrow, Fiduciary and Trustee Services

  • Consulting in funding of the projects or finance services around of the wolrd for central  and local governments, banks, governmental, public and private companies,

  • Start-up companies,

  • New and green technologies

  • Management of design and construction of the projects.

  • Support of Sale/Purchase deals 


2008 - General Director of municipal Economic firm, Nazareth-Elit, Israel.

2007 - Head Engineer of the municipality, Kiryat-Shmone, Israel.

2005 - Head of Execution Department in the Israeli Railway Company

1998 - Head Engineer of the North district at "Amidar", the governtmental national Construction & Housing Company, Israel

1991 - Owner and CEO of a private construction firm, registered construction contractor, license number 14382.

1987 - Manager of national infrastructure projects performed by the Russian government  at the country of Mongolia.

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Yakov Goldberg

The Legal Adviser and Member of the Board/Legal Service Committee


  • Escrow, Fiduciary and Trustee Services

  • Legal Adviser

  • Legal Services

  • Underlying Israeli Companies formation 

  • Foreign company formation

  • Foreign Trust Structures formation

Since 1986 - Notary license in Israel - License number 200472

Since 1983 - Member of the Israeli Bar Association - License number 15977

1976-1990 - Member of Ukraine Bar Association - Lviv

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